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Zinc-Iron Alloy Plating

Zinc-Iron Alloy Plating

Zinc-iron is an alloy of two metals: zinc and iron. It is the result of zinc plating with the addition of an iron alloy. The purpose of such product is to improve the existing properties of zinc. Zinc-iron plating works with the substrate metal component to further enhance and improve the properties of the base metal.

The alloy composition of zinc and iron can vary depending on the specific requirements of the application. Generally, the alloy contains a higher percentage of zinc (typically around 85-95%) and a lower percentage of iron (around 5-15%). The exact composition can be adjusted to achieve desired properties such as corrosion resistance, adhesion, and hardness.

The plating process involves immersing the metal substrate, typically steel or iron, into an electrolyte bath containing a mixture of zinc and iron salts. When an electric current is applied, zinc and iron ions from the electrolyte are reduced and deposited onto the surface of the metal, forming a uniform alloy layer.

We provide all the three finishes of zinc iron plating:

  • 1. Black
  • 2. Blue
  • 3. Yellow